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Be Fit For The

Life You Want To Lead

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"There are so many benefits from exercise, it's hard to know where start"
Experienced Personal Training in a friendly atmosphere

We are based at The Northern in West Didsbury,  which is a relaxed and welcoming environment with a light and airy gym.

All our training is based on personalised sessions to help you achieve your goals - initially based on the level of fitness you currently have, and progressing as your  own fitness, confidence & skills  progress.

We welcome all levels of ability, and for those new to exercise or back to exercise after a break we recognise that taking that first step can sometimes be the hardest decision to make. We have all been there at some time in our life - why not take that initial step with us.


With the sessions individually tailored to your goals, we are able to make them motivating, rewarding, varied,  and enjoyable.

friendly, light, airy gym near didsbury and heaton moor
Unsure of the gym environment?


Why not come down and start your training with a friend or partner, we're happy to provide sessions for two people together  - not only have you got moral support, you're also going to be able to pay a little less individually for each of your sessions ... extra motivation at a reduced cost !!

If you're still feeling a little unsure, especially about indoor training as Covid-19 remains,  why not come down to the club for a free chat or consultation and have a look at our training facilities - remember we also offer sessions outside (weather permitting!!) in a public space, at your home or garden, or privately outside in Heaton Moor.

Although these outside sessions may make use of a slightly more limited range of equipment, they still provide a full-body training workout, and a great opportunity to improve your fitness.

Train with a friend or partner for added motivation
 Time Short?

We recognise it's not always easy to find the time we might like for exercise, and finding a full spare hour during the day for ourselves can sometimes seem difficult.


Whether it's due to pressure of work and long hours,  children to look after, the school run, limited lunchtime availability - whatever the reason we try to be flexible and offer you the option of shorter , more intensive 1/2 hour sessions  - a great way to make the optimum use of the time you do have.

Maybe a 1/2 hour intensive Boxercise session to keep fit, burn calories, tone your body, and stay in shape while working out those pressures and frustrations of the day?

Intense 1/2 hour workout session

We try to offer a rounded, all-over approach to your fitness goals,  so we tailor our training services exclusively for you - based on your goals, and utilising the skills from our specialist areas.  So whether you're looking for more general fitness and toning or looking to raise your level with more specific strength and conditioning training, whether your trying for a couch to 5k run or looking to get in shape for a specific event in your life, whether you're returning to exercise or looking to maintain fitness during and after pregnancy .. we're available to offer you help, guidance and motivation. 

Click on Our Services link at the top of this page (use the menu options if you're on a mobile) for further details of our specialist areas or you can give us a call to get started or simply just come down and have an informal chat first - we're handily located for Didsbury, Heaton Moor, Chorlton and South Manchester.  We also have a Contact  form if you prefer this method.

"It's not where you do your exercise that matters, it's that you do it at all"

Get in touch with us

***   Thanks for contacting us  ***

 You can phone us on: 07971 261 813
You can find us: next to West Didsbury Tram stop
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