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woman learning to lunge with personal trainer

Whether due to family commitments, looking after young ones, ill health, the time pressure of work, or simply falling out of the habit, almost all of us have had times when we're not taking the exercise our bodies need, nor getting the physical and mental benefits exercise provides.


There are do many health benefits to be had from taking appropriate exercise: from helping cope with the many stresses of life through to diabetes control, from improving your body's immune system to simply feeling more full of energy, from bone density to blood pressure and heart rate, from injury rehabilitation to boosted self-confidence - getting started or re-started with exercise will be one of the best commitments you will ever make.

However,  as we appreciate, that first step can be the hardest, especially if you're unsure of the Gym environment, or unsure of which exercises or intensity are appropriate. 


We've many years experience providing friendly, effective and enjoyable personalised exercise sessions - why not get in touch and we can we'll organise a no-commitment first meeting and session. 


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