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woman with dumbbells working on strength and conditioning with a personal trainer

Raising the level of our fitness or strength can be incredibly rewarding, not only for the physical changes we may be looking for, but also for the mental boost and increased energy levels we can get. Strength and conditioning training especially can give a great boost to our self-confidence and the popular mis-conception that this type of training is for 'men only' couldn't really be further from the truth.


Heavier resistance exercises, when properly performed and trained, are a great way for women as well as men to:

* help increase your metabolic rate (and hence calorie burn), both during your exercise, and for many additional hours post-exercise.

* help change the shape of your body and create a leaner, more toned look
* help improve cardiovascular fitness
* help with bone density, and osteoporosis prevention & maintenance
* help your body to regulate its blood sugar levels, especially important for helping to control Type-2 Diabetes

* provides important mental health and self-confidence benefits. 

Raising your fitness levels, and using strength and conditioning resistances exercises, may involve only a relatively small set of changes to your current exercise routines, or at other times it may that we're looking at a whole new approach or set of exercises and motivations for you.


We'll discuss with you what you're looking to achieve at your initial free consultation, and then come up with a plan that'll help motivate you to reach these goals.


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