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Should I walk or should I run?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Both are good exercise, both help improve physical and mental health, both burn calories, so what is the difference....

is it better to walk or run for your exercise
Woman walking dog by the river, man jogging past

.. well the main difference is that running a set distance uses pretty roughly 1/3rd more calories than walking that same distance - although the pace you walk or run at, along with your own body weight, are determining factors in what your actual calorie burn is.

So, if you were to walk 3 miles (5km) at a reasonably brisk pace taking a little less than one hour then you could expect to burn around 250 calories - if you ran the same distance at an average run pace (eg 10km/hour) you cover your distance in just 1/2 hour, and burn around 350 calories. Terrain and steepness will obviously also impact your numbers, the steeper the hill - the harder you'll have to work, and a fast, steep, uphill walk may actually burn calories as fast as you do running on the flat !

Both walking and running are aerobic cardiovascular exercise, so both come with a great range of health benefits....:

** helping you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight

** increase your stamina

** boost your immune system

** help to prevent or manage chronic conditions

** strengthen your heart

** promote mental feelings of well-being, and self-confidence

So the bottom line is both are beneficial. If your goal is to lose weight running is a better choice than walking. If you’re newly back to exercise or aren’t able to run, then walking can still help you get in shape. Walking is accessible to nearly all fitness levels. It can boost your heart and give you more energy overall.

The choice is your preferred way to spend your time !!

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