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6 Exercise Bodyweight workout - up to 30 minutes

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Bodyweight workouts are unique in that you can do them anywhere. They can be strength based : think pull-ups and press-ups, core based : think sit-ups & planks or cardio based : think burpees, mountain climbers and jumps.

exercising in a 30 minute bodyweight class
Motivating and enjoyable body-weight workout

Todays suggestion covers all of these areas, and requires no equipment beyond yourself & your motivation.

Workout is 10 of everything, followed by 9 of everything, followed by 8 … etc all the way down to 1.

Exercises with a choice allow for a workout including take-off /landing for that extra bit of effort (although also extra impact on landing) - so pick your option.

Exercise 1: Reverse Lunges / leg (can include a hop off each leg as knee come forward)

Exercise 2: Press-Ups (calm, controlled & can be off your knees if required)

Exercise 3: Burpees (or wide feet burpees with feet staying shoulder width apart)

Exercise 4: Mountain Climbers (double the number.. 10 = 20)

Exercise 5: Basketball Shoots (or side step squats - one step sideways after each squat)

Exercise 6: Sit-Ups (calm, controlled, from flat on floor (or from leaning 1/2 back) to fully upright

Time to complete - 25-30 minutes. Controlled and accurate in your body movements is much better than faster and less controlled, not only will you get more benefit, but you'll reduce the risk of any 'off-balance' injuries.


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