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A well balanced nutritional diet is a hugely important part of our overall fitness and health,  while a poor diet can lead to many illnesses and diseases that range form cardio-vascular heart conditions, through to excess weight and Type 2 Diabetes, through to some cancers and even poor bone health.

As level 3 Personal Trainers we're qualified to discuss your current nutrition, and to suggest improvements where appropriate.  We can look at what you eat, how much you eat, times you eat, and what & how much you need to eat to maintain your body alongside your fitness training.  Sometimes we may ask you to keep a food diary for a week, recording everything you eat & drink during the week so we can assess if it matches your requirements. A start on your nutrition can be made as part of your initial consultation.

The following link is to the NHS for nutrition guidance , and is a good start point for general nutrition advice whatever your likelihood of starting with a personal trainer.. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/

For our nutrition discussions, we follow  the nutritional guidelines we have qualified with as part of our general Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications, and additional Nutrition for Physical Activity. These include nutritional advice for during Pregnancy /  Pre-Natal times.


Our Register of Exercise Professionals governing body (REPS) is clear that we are are not qualified to over-step these boundaries around a healthy balanced diet though, and that we are not for example qualified to offer advice to remove this or that food category from your diet, or to follow this or that diet where it varies greatly from the recognised balanced diet.


However, as we are based at The Northern gym we can still offer this more advanced individual diet advice through a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist .

Please follow the links below for access to her Instagram and Website:  

Instagram:   https://z-p42.www.instagram.com/smarta_nutrition/

Website:      https://smartanutrition.co.uk/


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