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So, how far did we go today?, oh, and how many calories was I burning

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

I don't use an electronic tracking device, so is there anything I can check online instead to show me how far I've gone? ...

two people jogging with dog - how do they know how fat they go
Jogging with a partner down a lane

The answer is yes, as could be expected I suppose, but I found some are less easy to use than others. However, for me, one does stand out as the easiest and quickest to use ... the online 'mapometer' website tool .. https://gb.mapometer.com/

Find your start point (using the lollipop icon), click the left-hand Start button, and then simply click each point you've changed direction on the map - the tool will automatically tot up your distance ! Remember to un-click the left-hand 'follow roads' box or it won't let you go down paths, across parks etc

Online Mapometer distance tool to calculate how far you went
How long was my walk or jog

And a final plus: it's really easy to try adding extra distance/routes to your run when you're ready for progression before having to actually try them in real life- a great way to make sure you don't get caught out with a 'step too far' !!

So that's distance: now how calories did we burn? Here my favourite online tool is the 'learn how many calories you're burning' tool on the 'verywellfit' site:

A great online calorie calculator tool -how many calories did I burn
This Online tool will tell you how calories you've been burning during your exercise

Best of all: it caters for a multitude of sports, exercises, distances & speeds !!

My recommendation: two very simple, very informative, online tools .... now did they show I've worked hard enough for my chocolate biscuit !!!

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