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Taking appropriate exercise becomes even more important as the years pass than when we are younger - it's also a time for some when we may be able to find a little more time for exercise.


So over 50 years is both a great time of life to be exercising, and an important time if you've not been exercising as much as you'd like, or maybe should have been.

At this age we begin to accelerate the loss of bone mass; women's oestrogen levels decline, increasing the risk of cardiac disease and osteoporosis;  and our metabolism slows, making weight management more difficult. 

Regular exercise helps prevent many of the medical problems associated with aging including developing type II diabetes and developing insulin resistance. It can facilitate weight loss which can help prevent and treat high blood pressure, type II diabetes and high cholesterol - any, and all of which can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.  It can help maintain our bone density and muscle functionality, along with our balance, co-ordination and mental health.

The above isn't to say that we're nearly past at it once we reach 50,  just that exercise needs to be part of our normal every day routine. At Personal Train Your Fitness not only are we qualified in adapting exercise for older people who may be returning to exercise after a break, but our owner falls into this age category himself !!

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"We all have our habits, make exercise one of yours"
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