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woman improving her fitness with one-on-one boxercise session

Boxercise is a fantastic way to improve your fitness levels, as well as providing enhanced balance and co-ordination skills, it also tones your legs and arms, and is a great way to relieve some of the stresses and frustrations from your day whilst burning those calories (up to 400 an hour) and improving your fitness and motor skills.


As well as including elements of Boxercise in your workouts we also offer Boxercise as either a 1/2 hour intense one-to-one session (great for when you may be short of time but long on the day's frustrations), or for small groups perhaps at your workplace (we supply pads and gloves, although in post-COVID days would recommend a small outlay to buy your own if you're expecting to do more than one session).   

Group sessions also take place at The Northern every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm, with non-club members welcome for an individual cost of £6 / class. You will use both pads and gloves during these sessions, and do not need to have your own as we can provide them - why not bring a friend along and try a session. Alternate weeks are covered by alternate instructor's, so get in touch with Rick first if you wish to start with us.

Finally we're happy to offer sessions to small groups as part of Team Building days or events - the co-ordination and teamwork required to make sure the pads and gloves end up in the same place at the same time is a great way to build bonds and appreciate others!!


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